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Alicia is a passionate writer with degrees in English and American Literature. Her journey through the worlds of fashion, culture and design is as fascinating as her literary pursuits. Beyond literature, Alicia is equally an optimist who loves life. Whether it's photography, knitting, pottery, or yoga, she's willing to try it all. Beyond trends and labels, she advocate for sustainability and ethical fashion practices. She believe in the power of conscious consumerism, and she strives to highlight brands that prioritize environmental responsibility and social impact.

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emo aesthetic girl

What is Emo Aesthetic

The emo aesthetic is a cultural style linked to the emo music genre, characterized by emotional expression. It often features dark clothing, moody...

Nipple piercing hurts

How Bad Do Nipple Piercings Hurt

If you want to know how bad do nipple piercing hurt? GTHIC got all information and advice about nipple piercings from professional piercer.

types of skull tattoo design

Trendy Types of Skull Tattoos and Different Meanings

Explore the diverse and captivating world of skull tattoos in this blog. Discover the various types, their meanings, and the artistry behind them.

emo band - what is emo music - pexels

What is Emo Music

I’m not okay, and it’s okay. What is Emo Music? If you think it’s a musical trend from several decades ago, you’re totally...


How Bad Does a Tongue Piercing Hurt: Everything about Tongue Piercing Pain

Many people are hesitant to get a tongue piercing because they don't realize how bad does a tongue piercing hurt. We will tell...

piercing ear

How to Clean Piercing Jewelry

Get a comprehensive guide on how to clean piercing jewelry, we will offer you the steps, material needed, and tips.

a man doing nose piercing

How Bad Does a Nose Piercing Hurt

Discover the truth about nose piercing pain levels, healing process, and aftercare tips in this candid and informative guide.

ear piercings

10 Common Types of Ear Piercings

Discover 10 piercing spots on the ear for a personalized style, from lobe to helix, complete with jewelry tips.

a man with tongue piercings

Why Do People Get Tongue Piercings

Explore more knowledge about tongue piercings, we have professional research and advice for you.

freemason symbol

Masonic Symbols in Popular Culture

Most people have heard of Freemasonry, but before we dive into reading about the appearance of Masonic symbols in popular culture, let’s take...

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