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Fehu Rune: The Viking’s Key To Prosperity And Potential

ᚠ Fé vældr frænda róge;

føðesk ulfr í skóge.

This is an ancient Norwegian runic poem that records “”. The poem’s meaning is that wealth causes strife among relatives; wolves dwell in the forest. In this article, we will explore the meaning of Fehu in Norse runes.

What Is Fehu Rune

The Fehu is a symbol in the Elder Futhark, the ancient Norse runic alphabet, which occupied an important place in Viking culture. This rune represents not only material wealth but also symbolizes the development of personal potential and spiritual abundance.


Origin of Fehu

Fehu, the oldest rune from the Elder Futhark, has its roots in the early Germanic tribes. It is typically represented by a stylized “F” shape or as two intersecting lines, which is thought to have originated from an ancient symbol representing cattle or wealth. This depiction underscores the critical role that livestock played in the Viking economy and society. What’s more, the Vikings believed runes were a form of divine language with magical properties.

In addition, the Vikings revered the runes as a divine offering bestowed by their supreme deity, Odin. It is said that Odin acquired the knowledge of the Lune script from the wise giant Mimir, having sacrificed one of his eyes in the process. Many believe its shape resembles the horns of a bull, embodying the concept of possession and power.

Viking Runes For Prosperity

The Fehu rune, linked to prosperity and achievement, resembles a bull’s horn. In Viking culture, this shape signifies power and wealth. Due to its connection with cattle, the Fehu rune becomes an emblem of material success.

Rune For

Fehu in Modern Divination

Today, Fehu continues to be a prominent figure in modern divination practices. People draw this rune to seek guidance on wealth, career, and personal development. Fehu also often appears as a good omen, signaling the arrival of financial prosperity and the potential to achieve one’s goals. This interpretation aligns with the rune’s historical significance, offering a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary aspirations.

viking runes stainless steel

Rune in Daily Life

People also wear accessories with the “ᚠ” runes. They are used as a fashion statement and are believed to bring good luck. They also come in different shapes to suit different tastes. These accessories are made of different materials such as metal, gemstones, wood, or glass. Each material can have different meanings or attributes.

Moreover, they come in different forms to suit different tastes. These accessories are made of different materials, like metal, gemstones, wood, or glass. Each material may have different meanings or attributes.

vintage viking runes stainless steel

Fehu: A Timeless Rune

In conclusion, the Fehu rune embodies the Viking legacy, linking material success with personal and spiritual growth. For an in-depth exploration, read our detailed articles on the rune’s impact and significance.

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