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Gift Ideas for Him: Unique & Useful Accessories Gifts in 2024

Gifting is as much a culture as it is customary, and you don’t need the excuse of a graduation or an anniversary–or Christmas, at any rate–to give your loved ones. It could be just about anything, from lunch packs while they are at work to flower bouquets and even gift accessories. 

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Men might not see the light in the flowers (too feminine) or lunch packs (it might be a hectic day), but clothing accessories would leave a lasting impression. Plus, everyone wants to make a statement when it comes to fashion. 

It also doesn’t matter whether your guy is as minimalistic as Zuckerberg or as stylish as Ryan Gosling. A well-chosen gift accessory for him will do the trick, and we have non-exhaustive supplies at GTHIC stores; you’d only have to choose your pick. 

Our Range of Men’s Accessories

Accessories are often the icing on the cake for your dressing. While women are more inclined to a well-stacked dresser, men’s accessories convey a powerful statement about the wearer. 

In other words, the accessory usually introduces the wearer, and most men love little more than making a statement at first glance. It could be something as subliminal as a marine bracelet, but you’d get the measure of the man even before you meet him.

Every jewelry store has exquisite rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more in specific gift sets for men. There are quite a number, but the popular ones include:

Masonic sets

If you’re a fan of the Masonic era–or you happen to be a Freemason–you’d find an exciting collection of Masonic accessories at GTHIC. 

The Masonic brethren are a stylish group of people, and if your man happens to be a believer in high fashion, Masonic rings and pendants are an excellent pick.

Marine sets

Oh, and it’s not the US Marine Corps accessories here. These accessories will be an excellent fit for men who love the open sea or a certain panache for marine water bodies. From anchor symbols to the famed Trident mark, marine jewelry could perfectly complement your man’s dress.

Gothic sets

From the world of black, our stores offer a brilliant variety of gothic accessories. Black rings and silver pendants: the culture is alive in contemporary fashion. So, if your man is a fan of black and silver, these sets will do the justice. 

Our stores have a more extensive collection of Gothic articles than the marine and masonic sets. You can get them as rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, chokers, and chains. 

Skull sets

The gothic skull sets are the bridge between the black and bold and the outright dark. Our skull sets are for the daring men looking to add a touch of intimidation to their dress. 

Skull rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets are all available for picks…if you dare!

Animal sets

Sometimes, we feel strongly connected to certain animals, maybe a dead pet, and want to keep their memories dear. You should also connect with the spiritual significance of specific animals. Whichever is the case, our animal accessories might be the collection to browse for the most symbolic animal jewelry gift for men.

Christian set

Christian jewelry is fast becoming a staple of regular dressing. You don’t have to be in a church to sport cross necklaces or bracelets, nor do you have to hide your faith as a devout Christian. From the understated cross rings to the outlandish earrings, men are adopting more Christian pieces into their fashion.

Viking sets

We simply needed to stop in history before launching our collections at GTHIC. And very few ages were more impressive than the peak eras of the Norsemen. No man can fail to fall in love with Viking culture.

Viking jewelry has long been associated with strength and valor; gift a man one today and see how it becomes a part of his dressing right away. We have rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, and earrings in all the categories.


Maybe your man is not exactly mainstream, or the popular sets are too commonplace for him. Well, great news because there is so much more. 

Men’s gifts sets, gemstone ring sets, and Bohemian jewelry (more history!) are lurking in our collections; get matching pieces and rock them with your man!

Trending Men’s Accessories in 2024

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Yes, there’s a horde of clothing accessories, and you must be wondering which are in vogue. Here’s our pick for the most trendy pieces in our stores. Let’s choose a perfect gift for him!

1. Purses 

Call it a wallet, a hold-all, but every man walks about with one. It’s one of the less obvious indicators of good taste and a distinct personality. Apparently, your wallet should have enough space for all your cash and details while being easy to hold on the move. 

This wallet comes with a chain for the extra neck-wearing option. With leather of that quality, you can be sure the wallet will be a faithful companion for a long time. And there’s more where that came from. Browse our bags and purses section for more.

2. Bolo ties

We took a deep dive into Wild West culture and created the bolo tie. The cowboy trademark is making a grand comeback into the center of fashion these days, and even top designers like Saint Lauren and Gucci are redesigning the old-school piece into a more modern man’s accessory. Is the tie feeling a little too restrictive? Try a bolo tie today!

3. Rings

Most of the time, the only ring a man will ever wear is his wedding ring. Even that might only last a few years before reaching the bottom drawer. The rings stay much longer on men’s fingers thanks to modern trends. And they are getting a lot bolder, too!

Sure, rings used to be a feminine feature, but remember, kings also wore rings. And now, we have more regal, masculine rings to complement every man’s confidence and power. And you know what’s up? You add a matching bracelet to the ring, and your man sends an accurate statement. So which will it be: Viking, Mason, or Christian?

4. Biker gloves

Gloves are great additions to your dressing, but if your guy’s a biker, all the better. Our biker gloves range from leather gloves to breathable polyester and nylon variants. Besides providing warmth on the move, getting an exquisite set of biker gloves adds more style to every biker’s outfit. 

5. Chains

Chains are one of the block’s boldest–and coldest–personality accessories. Gold or stainless steel, thick or thin, chains are gaining quite the popularity among regulars. Gone are the celebrity and gangster stereotypes; you wear your chain proudly and watch it become a constant feature in your daily fashion. 

When it comes to chains, we have plenty of GTHIC, from Cuban gold and silver pieces to leather and stainless steel chains. So, your choice.

6. Pendants

Pendants are an excellent alternative if you’re not a fan of chains. Light on the neck, pendants are not on the same level of bold and loud as chains, but they pass the message across just fine. Plus, you get much more variety with pendants–Viking, Marine, Animal, or Gothic.

Style up your man today with a bit of silver and black. Check out our collection today for ideas.

7. Others

Here, we have some of our men’s accessories that are not exactly trendy but make for stylish and bold mixes. And who knows, they might break into the forefront of fashion in no time. 

  • Chokers

Formerly feminine chokers are gradually shifting to the gender-neutral category, and they are getting featured more among men’s accessories. New to the choker trend? You can try our leather picks and have them grow on you quickly.

  • Hats

Yes, men’s accessories feature more and more hats nowadays, and their use cases stretch beyond formal occasions and the Italian mafia families. We have them in old-school beanies, demon-horned, and bunny ears.

And we threw in some colorful reflective hats and a balaclava to spice things up. 

  • Stickers

Our stickers are colorful and very youthful, the non-permanent versions of the men’s accessories listed above. You can get them for themed parties (Halloween comes to mind) and share them with the rest of your friends. 

Temporary tattoos, waterproof Viking stickers; the store is stacked, and you only ever have to choose!

tattoo stickers for Halloween - GTHIC


It’s time to get your gifting jewelry started.

We have fed you with ideas for the best men’s accessories, trendy and otherwise. Hit our online stores, dive into our collections–they are pretty extensive–and get your men’s unique accessories to take their fashion statements up an extra notch.

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