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Is It Okay for Non-Christians Wearing a Cross Jewelry?

Some people think that the crucifix can not be worn casually, because it is a token of Christianity. But in fact, the use of the cross is very extensive, not only Christians can wear the cross. Therefore, whether to wear cross jewelry depends on personal preferences and clothes matching. Today, the editor will take you to understand the symbolic meaning of the cross accessories and feel the charm of the cross in the accessories.

First of all, everyone knows that because Jesus died on the cross to redeem mankind, it has become a symbol of Christianity. But going back to the Neolithic Age, the cross was not born because of Christianity. At that time, the cross was a symbol of the beauty of civilization, and its various shapes were distributed in all corners of the world. In the era of slave society, the meaning of the cross changed dramatically because it became a tool for execution. Until the first century AD, the cross gradually became mysterious because of Jesus.

Therefore, in the fashion industry, many jewelry designers are keen on cross accessories, such as cross necklaces, rings, ear studs and other accessories. Each of these designs contains different design concepts. You can choose according to your own needs and Aesthetic to choose different accessories. The following small series will introduce various cross accessories by category.


Zircon is known in Japan as the “hyacinth stone” and internationally as the December birthstone, symbolizing success. In Greek mythology, zircon was known as the “beautiful boy”, as lustrous as a diamond and with the power to protect.

Many legends about zircon were passed down in the Middle Ages. For example, red zircon can make people wise and brave and drive away darkness and evil; olive green zircon can make people wealthy and bring good luck in business; fruit green zircon can make people happy and keep their body and mind healthy; black zircon can increase strength and bring courage; champagne zircon can keep people elegant and noble and show charm, etc.


The full name of “INRI” on this pendant is “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum”, which means the king of the Jews, the Latin inscription on the cross after Jesus was crucified. Whenever the crucifixion is represented, these letters appear at the top of the cross, so it is more personal.

If the previous one was a necklace with a very personal style, this one is more suitable for everyday wear. The facial features on this necklace are more delicate and three-dimensional, the eyes are deep, and the frowning brow conveys Jesus’ compassion and concern for the public. In addition, this necklace is made of pure tin, bright and full, strong anti-oxidation, and can be worn for a long time.


The designer of this cross ring directly moved the crucifixion sculpture to the ring, which intuitively and three-dimensionally showed the tragic and solemn crucifixion of Jesus. Although the ring is small, its shape is very delicate. The facial features and the tied arms reflect the designer’s ingenuity and tribute to Jesus.

This ring is staggered with skulls and crosses and can be worn swivel. It is worth mentioning that the designer has incorporated a creation of his skull concept into this ring. The designer enlarges the eyes, the shape is similar to a bow, and the mouth is small and exquisite. He subverts the stereotype of the skull ring in the past, and combines it with the cross to give it a beautiful and romantic implication.


Of course, exquisite cross rings have rich meanings and exquisite shapes, but this is only one of the categories of crosses. In addition to cross pendants and cross rings, there is also a kind of cross earrings that are very popular. Among the many kinds of earrings, cross earrings are very popular, and compared with other earrings, cross earrings have their unique advantages.

First of all, the cross earrings are small and exquisite in style, stylish in shape, low-key and tasteful. Secondly, the cross earrings are simple and elegant, with strong plasticity, and can be matched with a variety of dressing styles. Furthermore, cross earrings are the preferred earrings for Christian believers. They represent their own beliefs, and the cross also connotes purity, beauty and redemption. The following editor will bring the specific display of the two cross earrings.

This earring is also a minimalist style and can be worn by both men and women. The small cross is subtly integrated into the earrings. The pure black cross shows a strong personal style and is the first choice for trendy youths. The unruly and mysterious atmosphere of these earrings shows a unique fashion aesthetic style.


The cross on this bracelet is a Budded cross, also known as the Apostles’ Cross is a stylized cross, common in heraldry as well as Christian iconography. When the ends of the cross arms contain 3 buds, we are reminded of the teachings in 1 Cor. 13: “Faith, Hope, Love; The greatest of these is love.” The bracelet has a variety of colors to choose from, which can be matched with clothes to create different temperament effects.


The cross is not only a Christian belief, it also leads the fashion industry. More and more people appreciate the unique style of cross accessories and gradually fall in love with its mysterious temperament. Different collisions of ideas can be found in the creation of cross jewelry. Many cross jewelry creators have endowed the cross with various beautiful meanings and fashionable aesthetics. It has also made the cross more and more favored by non-Christians. If you want to follow the fashion trend, then come to the official website to browse more accessories!

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