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What Does a Cross Ring Symbolize?

Do you find that everyone around you has a cross ring? Yes, the cross has always been a popular element in jewelry, perhaps at first it simply denoted faith, but over time jewelry designers have developed a plethora of exquisite designs around the cross. Today, let’s take a look at Gthic’s cross rings, and of course, if you want other cross jewelry, you can also browse through many unique and interesting cross necklaces, cross bracelets and cross earrings.

For followers of Christ, there is no more iconic symbol than the cross. Christ Jesus suffered and rose on the cross, and people often wear the cross to strengthen their faith. The cross is no longer a symbol of death and tribulation; today, it is more of a reminder of the hope that we can overcome death and sin.

Can only Christ-followers wear cross rings? No. There are many designs based on Latin crosses and Greek crosses, each with a different concept and symbolism. You can choose a ring based on its design or symbolism.



The Latin cross is the most common and basic cross, which consists of two beams, one long and one short, the vertical one longer than the horizontal one. A ring with a Latin cross can refer to the crucifixion, salvation or Christianity as a whole. This ring is only a simple Latin ring that carries out the minimalist style and can be rotated to add some interest to the ring.


Jesus Christ is our sure anchor in any storm, and the design is literal by merging the Latin cross with the anchor of the ship. During the persecution, the anchor cross was also a popular way to hide Christianity because those “in the know” would recognize the cross, while others would only see the anchor.


The buds on the arms of this cross recall a flower that has not yet blossomed. Likewise, the budding cross represents an immature Christian – that is, a newcomer to the faith. They still need to learn more about their faith and build a foundation for themselves.


The Jerusalem Cross is a variation of the heraldic cross and the Christian cross, consisting of a large cross surrounded by four smaller Greek crosses, one in each quadrant. It has been the coat of arms and national emblem of the Kingdom of Jerusalem since the 1280s. The symbol of the fivefold cross is to represent the four corners of the world, Christ and his four chief disciples, or the five wounds of Christ.


The Celtic Cross is a symbol of a cross with a circle attached to the central cross. In earlier times, the Celtic cross was often referred to as a monument on a cubic base called a high cross, in which the circle was used to strengthen the limbs. Since the revival of Celtic culture, the Celtic cross has become a symbol of Celtic cultural identity, in addition to some of the more traditional religious symbols. The cross represents Christianity and the circle represents eternity, without beginning and without end.



The Greek cross differs from the usual design in that the four arms are the same length. You will usually find five of them placed on the altar, and they represent the five wounds Christ suffered during his crucifixion.


The Cross Crosslet may seem unrelated to the Greek cross, but in fact it would be a combination of four Latin crosses, each facing a different basic direction. This is meant to symbolize the spreading of Christianity to all four corners of the world. This could be used, for example, to denote missionary work.


The Iron Cross was a reward for bravery in battle, and now, as society changes, the Iron Cross has lost its original meaning, and it has become so commonplace that it has become a biker’s everyday accessory.

Other Cross Rings

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Initially the cross ring may have been worn because of faith, but with the advent of various cross jewelry, the cross has grown to be popular with non-Christian believers. However, there is an emotional meaning behind any religious symbol. While some religious jewelry has become fashion items and aesthetically constrained items, it is important to consider their past and religious beliefs to avoid any drastic conflicts and disrespect. Want to know about other religious jewelry besides cross rings, click here to see more exquisite and unique Christian rings.

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