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What Does Wearing a Cross Jewelry Mean?

When we talk about the cross, I believe many people’s first reaction will definitely be to think of Jesus. This is because the cross is the symbol of Christianity. Many devotees wear it as a piece of religious jewelry to show their devotion. Nowadays, society is free of religion, so it is common to have people who believe in Jesus in their lives. So, today we will talk about whether the cross as a symbol of Christianity can be carried casually, and what are the meanings of wearing cross jewelry.

Some people think that the cross jewelry is an exclusively Christian token and therefore cannot be worn at will, but in fact, all people can wear crosses.

The cross is an ancient Roman instrument of torture and in the past was a symbol of shame. But later, because Jesus Christ was crucified as a substitute for the sins of mankind and resurrected three days later, it became a sign of glory and victory for all those who believe in Him because of the forgiveness of sins. The cross is just a symbol, an object made of metal or other materials. It can be used as an ornament and as a symbol.

In this age of individuality and external beauty, crosses are used on all kinds of jewelry, clothing and decorative items. In fact, there are many different types of crosses, and the meaning of each cross is different.



The horizontal part of the cross is slightly shorter, and the vertical part is longer, thus forming the cross.

The Latin cross is the most common type of cross, and is used by Catholics and Protestants, and is the long, vertical cross used by the Church today. They firmly believe that it was on this cross that Christ suffered. It is common in churches and is also the type of cross on Monte Cristo in Rio de Janeiro.


It is now believed that the words cross and crucifix are used interchangeably. But the truth is that there are differences between them. In contrast to the simple cross, the crucifix most of all embodies Jesus. crucifix symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus and emphasizes the sacrifice he made for humanity. It is a prominent icon and is often used in jewelry. Crucifix necklace and crucifix rings are popular among people.


Crosses with circles or discs at the end of each arm. The cross of gems can have between one and five stones at each crossed end, each arrangement having its own symbolic meaning. The three are most often used to represent the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The four buds usually represent the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The three-bud cross is sometimes referred to as the Apostles’ Cross, with each bud representing one of the twelve apostles. When each bud is designed with a jewel, with one jewel in the center, the central stone symbolizes Christ.

Budded Cross


The Celtic cross originated in Ireland and is common in the British Isles; the stone cross topped with a circle is a symbol of the Celtic Church called the Celtic Haikolos, and includes a belief in stone in Celtic culture. There is a folk tradition of worshiping stones as sacred objects.

And then, because of the combination of Celtic and Christianity, the uniquely shaped Celtic cross was formed.

The cross is crossed with a circle symbolizing eternal life and is commonly found on the covers of hymns; the characteristic feature is the combination of the Norse mythological logo of the sun cross of the god Odin. It is a symbol revered by the Norse peoples and is characterized by the cross intersecting in a circle. Celtic cross jewelry is very popular because of its mystery and sacred beliefs.


The St. Peter’s Cross is an Inverted Latin Cross. It is said that when the saint Peter was martyred in Rome, he asked the executioner, “Please crucify me upside down, for my Lord was erected on the cross for me, and I am not worthy to die like him,” and hung himself upside down. This is the origin of St. Peter’s Cross. It is also known as the “papal cross” because Saint Peter was the first Catholic pope.

The cross of St. Peter is often used with two keys to symbolize the keys of heaven. Some Catholic churches use this symbol to represent “humility” and “unworthiness to be compared to Jesus.


The Iron Cross was established on March 10, 1813 by King Frederich Wilhelm III of Prussia as a temporary decoration to be awarded for meritorious service in the war against Napoleon. The Iron Cross was considered to be awarded to both generals and soldiers who had an impact on the outcome of the war or who contributed to their field of duty.

Later, the Nazi regime Adolf Hitler adopted the symbol of the Iron Cross and added a swastika in the middle of the iron heart that had the word 1939 on one side. Such a completely new symbol represented the Nazi regime.


These are the more common and familiar types of crosses, and we will find more to share with you later. Whether you prefer gold cross jewelry or silver, we have a wide selection of cross jewelry for men and women on our website.

Thank you for reading. If you want to read more articles about cross jewelry, read here. Or you can just read our previous posts here.

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